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Innovative delivery of gases

Having been founded in 1983 by today’s company leader C. Stöber, ASA is actually relatively old for a current innovation company.

Initially being engaged in the field of standard vehicle construction, we have started early to think laterally. As a result, the idea of developing a reliable, compact device with high power density and best possible efficiency for the delivery of gaseous media was born. After intensive engrossment in this topic, the resulting product from ASA has been published in 1995: the ASA T1 supercharger, which has become our distinctive business card through its success.

We are driven by our goal to push these advantages in various fields of application forward sensibly, as we want to advance further than the current standard application on internal combustion engines. This new economic possibility to deliver gaseous media, mostly our surrounding air but partly also exotic gases, opens a wide range of application fields.

First used in the automotive aftermarket, the collaboration with Alpina came in the year 2002, and then later also the application directly at BMW North America with a low volume production of the BMW 7-series. These projects, BMW & Alpina are besides their innovative character also extremely quality-conscious, have represented a huge performance test for us. In good collaboration, we have achieved successful results and been able to learn a lot.

Furthermore, we have been able to successfully implement i.a. extremely compact conditioning dynamometers on the basis of the ASA T1 supercharger, up to Formula 1.Also in agricultural fields of application, e.g. tractors, a concept for unrivalled quick inflation of tyres, which has unfortunately not been realized due to the turmoil of the 2009 recession. The bad economic circumstances back then hit us hard, despite being able to survive the crisis with hardly any damage.

In contrast to those times, we have a host of interesting and forward-facing projects going on today. Having been realized and initiated by foreseeing company leaders, the reliable and economic possibilities of air supply is being examined.

The common mainstream does not affect us. Today, there are only very few products that allow you to stand out from the competition, we are not producing any “me too” products. The use of ASA Superchargers, added to by its efficiency, guarantees this rare opportunity.

We would be happy if you are able to challenge our capabilities with your extraordinary ideas!