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T1 Technologie

The ASA T1 Supercharger

In 1995, the development of our first supercharger has been completed. Since then, the mechanically-driven centrifugal supercharger has developed into the "Business Card" of ASA. Its special technology is continuously being optimized and has numerously proven to be highly successful.

Apart from its ASA standard design, its outer geometry as well as the supercharger side, has been adapted to customer requests in various projects (e.g. BMW Alpina B5, B6, B7 & BMW North America 7-series).

Its worldwide unique selling points are i.a. its compact and form-fit gearing (i=1:15) with fast-running supercharger unit mounted on an anti-friction bearing. This results in a wide range of performance outputs, as well as high effectiveness. The latter crucially guarantees the utilization of a nearly friction-free sealing between gearing and supercharger space and the consequentuse of anti-friction bearings of all moving parts. We want to put the focus yet again on the supercharger unit, which is naturally mounted on an anti-friction bearing, enabling speeds of up to 130.000 1/min. 

In general, the T1-supercharger is being supplied with oil lubrication from the combustion engine via a bypass from the motor oil circuit.

The supercharger housing can be turned 360 degrees around its axis of rotation to the compressor unit with little effort.

The wide gear ratio (i=1:15) enables the application of belt pulleys for the transmission of high drive torques and the avoidance of belt slip.

Our HD-versions are equipped with hybrid anti-friction bearings at the compressor unit. The utilized rotating rolling elements in this case no longer consist of metallic, but ceramic materials. In order to still being able to cope with the enhanced requirements, we utilize further higher quality components. On the outside, the HD variant is recognizable by its black ceramic-coated surface.