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The ASA T3 supercharger

In 2004, the ASA T3 supercharger started its serial production. The specification book for its development was characterized by:

- a mutual modular construction system to the ASA T1 with as many proven carry-over parts as possible

- cost-optimized global approach compared to the T1 in order to cover a lower power range

- smaller construction volume

- wide gear ratio (i=1:10), applicable to large belt pulleys in order to avoid belt slip

In general, the T1-supercharger is being supplied with oil lubrication from the combustion engine via a bypass from the motor oil circuit.

The supercharger housing can be turned 360 degrees around its axis of rotation to the compressor unit with little effort.

The ASA T3, with its simpler construction, covers working areas with lower requirements to pressure ratio and air mass flow rate. Therefore, there are no HD variants in this case.