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The ASA Supercharger Technology

Functional principle

The drivetrain of the ASA supercharger is usually realized by a belt pulley. A helical cut gearing transmits the input rotation to speed. The anti-friction gearing-mounted supercharger shaft reaches rotational speeds of up to 110.000 1/min in the standard version, respectively up to 130.000 1/min in special versions. The shaft-mounted supercharger wheel sucks in the fluid and accelerates it. Inside the supercharger housing, the speed of the fluid is being converted into pressure.

Operational behaviour

Depending on the rotational speed of the supercharger wheel, an air mass flow rate and pressure ratio can be allocated in the respective characteristic diagram. The maximum air mass flow rate, as well as the maximum pressure ratio, are limited to the dimensions of the superchargers. Every operational point is allocated to a degree of efficiency.

Due to its construction, the ASA-TurboMex is throttle-restrictable. By using a throttle in front of the supercharger, only the amount of air that is actually needed by the load is being compressed. The ASA TurboMex is designed for the resulting low pressure. The possibility of suction-throttleing results to an increase in efficiency while the engine (or air pressure user in general) is in partial load, because a performance-loss by a bypass air flow can be avoided.

The ASA centrifugal supercharger combines:

•    Enormous power density: high supercharger power (mass flow and pressure ratio) in accordance
      with little component weight and small constructional dimensions
•    High efficiency at all operating points, optimum efficiency at best operating points
•    Non-friction bearing: no friction losses
•    Throttle-restricatble => no bypass needed
•    Mode of drivetrain guarantees vibration-free operation
•    Pulsation-free charge air

Its gearing is characterized by:

•    Low-noise operation through helical cut gearing and optimization of gearing geometry
•    Compact constructional dimensions
•    High gear ratio of i=1:15
•    High efficiency

As the first, and still only fast-running, mechanically-driven centrifugal supercharger with form-fit gearing and continuous optimization, our technology has been proving successful in practice numerous times since 1995.