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ASA Variocharger

The ASA Supercharger-patented Variocharger© delivery immediate and freely-definable boost pressure and therefore torque according to the user’s demands. By its innovative and unique concept, it is lag-free and nearly independent from the engine speed.

In order to achieve this ideal state, the rotational speed of a throttle-restrictable centrifugal supercharger is being provided by a variable gearing, the system is basically pre-stressed. At positive jumps in load, the surrounding pressure can be supplied immediately, and maximally if desired, at te induction area of the ASA Variocharger©. The supercharger unit can therefore deliver the highest possible pressure ratio spontaneously in this operational area.

As another positive aspect, the ASA Variocharger© delivers electric power on full load, which can be delivered directly to electric engines in Hybrid drivetrain concepts.



For this patented concept we are looking for cooperations with innovative partners coming from the OEM segment.